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Collective Worship

At St Marie's our aim is that our school community grow in faith, love, understanding and compassion.

Our collective worship is planned as follows:

  • Weekly Assemblies – rooted in the Sunday Mass readings, each Monday assembly includes creative content such as film, story, song or animation and always leads to prayers and reflection.
  • Daily Classroom Prayer – using the current TenTen resources, five daily prayers (Monday to Friday) to be led in the classroom by staff or children, rooted in the Sunday Mass readings.
  • Links to Home – a one-page monthly newsletter for parents which shares articles inspired by the assemblies; the newsletter is sent home as an email and is used as part of the school weekly newsletter.
  • Staffroom Prayers– own prayers led by staff or using the TenTen resources including input on vocation, support for non-Catholic teachers.
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