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Mrs Fernandes

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Year 1 (20)

Phonics Screening Workshop

Please see the attached slides from last Friday's Phonics Screening Workshop. Please see Mrs Outram if you would like any further information regarding the screening.


Y1 Summer Newsletter

Please see the attached newsletter for up to date information about the term ahead. 

Animal Antics!

Year 1 and friends had a great visit from the Mayfield Alpaca Farm this afternoon. The children had the opportunity to meet and hold meerkats, tarantulas, snakes, skunks and racoons to name but a few!

Children from other year groups were invited to help. Here is Scott's (Y6) report on the visit...

The Animals That Were At School Yesterday

Yesterday I helped year 1 with holding and staying calm around the animals. The animals were:

a raccoon, a tarantula, a centipede, a tortoise, a skunk, a meerkat, a snake, an animal with no hair, but in the guinea pig family and a Bearded Dragon

You couldn’t hold the tortoise because the adults who brought the animals said it was too heavy. But I could hold the snake and the snake had red eyes and looked white and yellow. All the animals were tame, so the animals had no venom and they didn’t bite.

You could not hold the raccoon but I could feed it, and it was SUPER CUTE. The raccoon used its claws to eat the food. And you may be wondering why the skunk did not use its smell? This is because the thing skunks use to make gas was taken out. It felt like the skunk was falling asleep on my lap.

The Bearded Dragon’s skin felt a bit rough but it was nice. The centipede’s legs felt a bit like sticks when it moved on my hand; it kind of tickled.

At the end the man held the raccoon and it tried to eat the man’s beard but it didn’t, then the man put the Raccoon back in its cage.

The End

By Scott Ewbank J


Have a look at the pictures...

The Butterfly House

On Monday Year 1 had a trip to the Butterfly House. The weather was beautiful and the children represented St Marie’s fantastically.

Super Scientists

A huge thank you to the parents we have had come to talk to the Year 1 children over the last couple of weeks. The children have been extremely enthusiastic about our science topic – ‘animals and humans’. The parent talks have really made the learning come alive and the children have learnt so much...

Year 1

The first two weeks back have been very busy for Year 1! We have had science experiments, World Book day, our writing day and parents coming to talk to us about all things science! Have a look at the picture to see what we have been up to!

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