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Year 1 Phonics Screening

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our phonics screening workshop- it was great to see so many people!

Please download the file below to have another look at our phonics screening presentation.

For the next few weeks homework in Y1 will be given out every Tuesday and Friday. The children will be given a sheet containing real and non-real words. Please follow the instructions on the homework sheet and let us know if you have any feedback. Thank you!

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Y5BT trip to Peace Centre

On Friday the 11th May 2018, Y5BT went on a trip to the Peace Centre in Warrington. Some people went by car and some people went on the train. When we arrived at the Peace Centre, we put our bags away in the sports hall and went to listen to what would happen throughout the day.

We met some famous Hollywood stars and they performed a magnificent play. It was about a problem that two children tried to solve but made a mistake. In the end they managed to solve the problem.

After the performance, we had our lunch on little picnic blankets.

Then we dressed in graduation outfits consisting of a cloak and a cap – we looked amazing! The best was yet to come. We got the opportunity to ask questions to Wendy and Colin Parry, the parents of Tim Parry who was killed in the Warrington bombing at the age of 12. Their answers were inspirational to us all and we now understand even more about why they set up the Peace Foundation.

We all got ready for the graduation ceremony and waited for our name to be called out. We were presented with a certificate by Colin Parry.

Our sensational day finished with the treat of a bag of sweets which we all enjoyed on the way back home.

Written by Y5.

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