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Miss Healy

Year 1 (35)

Year 1's Last Supper

As part of our learning in RE we have been learning more about the Last Supper. We have read scripture from the Bible and used this to think about the last meal Jesus had on Earth with his friends. 

We used bread and juice to act out the Last Supper. We then thought more about how this is like Mass. Through discussion we decided that the Priest is acting as Jesus in Mass. Catholics go to Mass and recieve the body and blood of Jesus because he said "Do this in Memory of me". 

Toys blown in from 1860 to see Year 1

On Tuesday 4th February, Mrs Parkin blew in from 1860 and decided to stay to see Year 1. Mrs Parkin owns a toy shop and some toys had come with her too. Throughout the day the children got to experience what it was like to be a child in 1860. We learned all about the toys and games that children played with.

We learned playground games, songs, played with toys from 1860 and made some of our own. We looked at toys that rich children would have had and learned what poorer children played with too. We also found out that in 1860 there was not much time to play as children had jobs and chores to do and they went to bed as soon as it went dark. We had a wonderful day learning about toys from history. Thank you Mrs Parkin for visiting us. Have a look at the photos to see what we got up to.

Pirates take over Year 1 for the day!

Today was the day the Pirates came to school! Year 1 children dressed as Pirates and completed pirate activities throughout the day as part of their topic learning. They looked at some famous pirates of the past, learned how to talk like a pirate, went on a trreasure hunt (having to solve rhyming clues to find the next clue), made eye patches and pirate hats, wrote messages in bottles and made pirate ships. In the afternoon we played a pirate game which showed us how physical a pirates day was! We also talked about how Pirates actions weren't always nice but we worked together as a team today like a good pirate crew would do! Many thanks to all the parents and carers for their support today with the costumes and outfits! 

Year 1's local walk around Ranmoor to help the Pirates!

On Friday 13th September Year 1 went on a local walk around Ranmoor. Before we left we recieved a letter from The Jolley Rodger family of Pirates. The letter said they needed us to look out for landmarks on our walk for us to make a map of the area. They said they will use our maps (if we send them by bottle across the sea) to come and find us. On our walk we looked at different types of houses, different types of buildings and their names. We finished our walk by sitting outside St. John's Church and sketching some of the houses and buildings that we could see. Well done Year 1 for excellent behaviour and many thanks to all of our volunteers who joined us for the afternoon. 

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