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Year 2 (21)

Wonderful time with Y2 at Weston Park

On Friday Y2 visited Weston Park. We had a look at all the exhibitions within the Museum including Sheffield past and present, the iron age, Arctic Circle, portrait gallery and looking at lots of different types of creatures. We even managed to take advantage of the nice weather and had a little play in the park. Have a look at what we got up to!

Y2 adventure 'Deep' down under the Sea

On Friday Y2 went to visit 'The Deep' in Hull. We looked around the Aquarium and had a look at creatures including manta rays, clown fish, angel fish, sea turtles, swordfish and penguins. There was lots of different sorts of creatures who live under the sea. The children also took part in a workshop at the end of the afternoon where they got to find out even more about some of the sea life's superhero powers. The children were great ambassadors for the school throughout the whole day showing their great listening skills, super observational skills and overall great enthusiam for learning more. Have a look at the photo gallery to see what we got up to. We had to be very careful to remember fish can be scared by camera flashes so some pictures will need you to look very closely to find the creatures. Well done Y2. What outstanding children you are!

How will we get the monster across the lake? Y2H science experiment

On Thursday Y2H set to work on their challenge for Science Week. We had to make something to get the unidentified monster across the lake. Our investigation was to make a prototype to cross the lake. We discussed how we would do this and decide which one would be the best. How would we make it fair? We decided to keep the temperature of the water, container of water, depth of the water and the mass of the small load the same. Our variable we would change would be our boats. The children had a variety of resources to use including: foil, paper plates, paper towels, straws, plasticine and other bits and bobs that they could find around the classroom. The children worked in small groups to create their prototype. After testing all of our boats we discovered that most of them were able to cross the lake with the small load. How would we decide which one would be the best now? We then decided to test them again with a larger mass being dropped on them to see which boat would still be able to float. This time we only had one prototype left. Why? We looked at the design of this boat and saw it was waterproof, had higher sides and also had weight spread evenly within the boat. This then would definitely be our prototype to send to the lab.

Well done Y2H for completing your challenge.

Which is the best way to wash your hands? Y2 Scientists investigate...

Today Dr. Davies (Bethany's Mum) came in to talk to us about hand washing. We first thought about what can make us poorly. Germs, bacteria, virus' etc. We then talked about how we can help ourselves to stay as healthy as possible. 'Hand Washing!' We passed around some cuddly toy versions of the bacteria and virus' that can make us ill. However these creatures had some talc like dust on them that went all over our hands. We put our hands under a special UV light machine and we could see just how dirty our hands had become. Now for the experiment. One group washed their hands with soap and water. One group washed their hands with hand sanitiser and one group washed their hands with antispetic wipes. Which would be the best way to wash our hands? Which would leave our hands the cleanest?

We discovered...

washing our hands with soap and water is the most effective way to clean our hands. We also found out that everyone had the most dirt around our fingernails! We decided that we would wash our hands even more carefully in future especially our nails.

Many thanks to Dr. Davies for coming in today. We had a great time!

Y2H Crowning of Mary

On Wednesday it was the turn of Y2H to Crown Mary. We talked about how and why Mary is so special to us. We talked about why she is a role model to us and how we always want to try to say 'Yes' to the things God asks us to do. We then sung 'Hail Mary' at the Mary Garden.

Y2 Summer Newsletter

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