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On Friday 7th June Y2 took part in a Skipping Festival. We went as a team of skippers with everyone having their own event to take part in. In between competing we were busy skipping all together in the hall and practising some new skills too with Skippy Chris and his team. The children competed in double skipping, speed skipping, hop and swap, side swing, paired skipping and big rope skipping. At the end of the afternoon we waited to hear the results. We are so proud to announce that each children was awarded either gold, silver or bronze for their event! Then we found out that we were the school with the most points over the afternoon too! Well done to all of the children - you were amazing! Miss Healy and Mrs Rigby can't believe the progress you have made with your skipping skills! Many thanks to parents for their support and collecting so promptly when we returned to school! 

World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day is celebrated world wide on 8th June. Schools marked the day on Friday 7th June. On Thursday when we visited The Deep, our workshop was based all around how to care for our Oceans. Throughout the day we thought about this again and what things in particular we could do. We all decided that we would make sure we put our rubbish in bins or recycle it. We decided that we would try to use bags for life or re-use plastic bags at home. We also thought that we would pick up any rubbish that we saw. We then used the World map to locate the 5 Oceans of the World. We looked at how much of the Earth is covered in water and learned that all rivers lead to the sea or Ocean. We also learned about how important water is and how it is important that we don't waste water! 

Look at the photos to see us using the large World map. 

A Delightful Day at the Deep

Today Y2 visited The Deep as part of our Under the Sea topic. We had a brilliant day looking at all sorts of creatures who live in or under the Sea. We started off the day with a workshop as to how we can keep our oceans clean. We then moved into the aquarium where we have seen clown fish, sting rays, sea turtles, garden eels, sharks, saw fish, penguins and many many more. The children were exceptional all day. What a super day we have had! Look at the photos to see what else we got up to (warning: some photos are darker due to not being able to use flash as we don't want to scare any creatures).

Y2 have a visit from a Ducati Diavel

Today we had a visit from Frank from the Sheffield Motorcycle Centre. As part of our Italy topic he brought with him an Italian made brand new Ducati Diavel 1260. The children had time to draw the bike and to ask Frank lots of questions. We have now got a challenge to make a poster of the bike and include some of the facts we learned today. There will even be some prizes too! After this we were also able to draw another Italian car in the car park - an Abartha/Fiat 500! What a great afternoon we had!

Many thanks to Frank for visiting us today! We had a super time!


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