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Michelangelo's of Y2 - no chairs allowed!!

Featured Michelangelo's of Y2 - no chairs allowed!!

Today in our art lesson we were learning about one of the most famous artists in the World who happens to also come from Italy - Michelangelo. We learned that he was a painter, sculptor and an achitect (although sculpting was his favourite). We had a look at some of his creations and were amazed that his art work was still around for us to see even though it is around 500 years old! In particular we had a look at his painting of the Sistene Chapel. We thought that he might have taken the ceiling panels down and painted them on the ground. We discovered however that he had some scaffolding and that he actually painted the ceiling whilst lying on his back. No wonder it took him 4 years! We decided to have a go at sketching some Italian landmarks in the same way Michelangelo had painted the Sistene Chapel - on our backs. We found out it was more trickier than we first thought. Have a look at our photo gallery to see how we got on. Watch this space for more Michelangelo inspired art...

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