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Exciting Explosions in Y2

Featured Exciting Explosions in Y2

On Friday 16th February, after lots of research into the volcanoes of Italy, we decided to make and explode some of our own. It was great to have some Y5 helpers too. We made the volcanoes out of paper, a plastic cup and selotape. We then used bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar to make them erupt. Y2 have learned so much about volcanoes that they were able to talk about whether people had made a composite volcano, shield volcano or cinder cone volano. We then thought about which volcano they were like when they erupted. Was it an explosion like Stromboli where the lava only flows down one side? Or was it more like Vesuvius where it erupted on all sides. Y5 then made us think a little more scientifically and we held a science experiment to find out if it made a difference by using more or less bicarbonate of Soda. 

Well done Y2 and Y5 for a great afternoons work. 

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