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Did someone say they needed a Superhero?

Featured Did someone say they needed a Superhero?

On Thursday 4th October there were no Y2's in school. Instead the classroom was filled was superheroes of all kinds. In the morning we completed superhero activities including a superhero passport and Superhero training camp. In the afternoon we were going to go on a local walk to see how we could improve the area but we recieved a letter from Dr. Doom. Unless we completed a mission he was going to take away all playtimes! For this mission we had to find clues hidden all over Ranmoor. On one side was a written clue telling us where to head to. On the other side was part of a picture.  When we had collected all of the clues we pieced them together to reveal the location of Dr Doom's lair! Thankfully the Superheroes completed the mission and saved Playtimes!! Well done Superheroes and for your sidekicks at home helping to make you look so fabulous!!

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