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Mrs Furniss

Year 3 (132)

Homework week ending 14.6.2019



We are enjoying our topic about the Romans. Earlier in the week, we covered the reasons why the Romans wanted to invade Britain, and we used atlases to identify which countries were invaded. Today we looked in more detail at what life was like in Roman times. Please encourage your child to find out more information about what it would have been like to live in Roman times. The BBC website has some good video clips to support the learning about the Romans. If the children type KS2 within the search, the pages should be appropriate to their age group.


Please continue to practise the words from the spelling list. This week we have looked at words with the prefix dis-. Please click the main title to open this post. The spelling list has been added at the bottom of the page.


The children have enjoyed the speed challenge of recalling addition number facts and times table facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables to beat their score from the previous day. I have seen good improvements with all the children over the past two weeks. Next week the focus will be on multiplication and division facts for various tables. Please encourage your child to practise division facts in particular for the tables they are learning.

Fantastic story writing in Year 3!

We started our Romans topic this week with the story of Romulus and Remus. I am so thrilled with all the children for their retelling of this story. The stories are too good to be hidden away in the children’s writing books, so I would love to share the stories with you all. Next week, if you have time to call into the classroom after school, please come and read the work your child has produced. The children have written in the books they used in year 2, so it is lovely to go back through the book to see the progress your child has made over the year. The children love to do this!

Homework week ending 7.6.2019

Spellings for our topic about the Romans

Here are some words the children will be using during their topic about the Romans. Please help your child to read all the words. These words will be available in school for the children to choose from when they are writing, but if they can independently spell some of these words, it will improve the pace at which they write.

Rome   Roman   mosaic   soldier   Empire   Colosseum   shield   villa   armour   toga   gladiator   slave chariot


This term we are working to improve recall of times table facts. Your child has been assessed in school, and they have been given a sheet appropriate to their learning needs. Some children are able to skip count up in multiples of a number (3,6,9,12 etc), but they cannot recall facts when questioned (eg what is 5 x 3, 21 ÷ 3 = ). We are multiplication games from Top Marks to support the learning which can be accessed at home, and the children are learning times tables songs with Percy Parker.


Next week, the children will complete a comprehension assessment. The style of questions are similar to the ones on the sheet the children have been given. Please encourage your child to look closely at the text to identify where the answers are before answering the questions.

Homework week ending 24th May



Next term there will be a big focus on mental calculations. Your child has been given a few ideas of games to play to make this learning task fun.

There are also lots of interactive games on including ‘Hit the Button’, to help improve calculation speed in a fun way.


Next term our science topic will be about plants. Please encourage your child to notice the plants they can see in their local area. When preparing meals, help your child to look at the ingredients to identify which parts of the plants we eat. What seeds do they eat? What roots do they eat? We will look in detail at this in school, but any pre-learning would be very useful.

Have a lovely holiday!

Homework week ending 17.5.19


Apologies! - I forgot to hand out the homework sheets on Friday as the end of the day was particularly busy.


This week we have been working with measures. We have used grams, kilograms, litres and millilitres. Please encourage your child to identify the mass and capacity of items at home. If you have scales, it would be good to for your child to estimate and then check the weight of different items. The more experience they have of estimating, the more accurate the estimates will become. Playing with empty bottles in the bath is also a fun way of reinforcing understanding of capacity.

In school, the children were asked to calculate the difference between estimates and measurements. This is something we covered in detail during the autumn term, but it is clear that many children need more practice with this skill. Your child will be given a sheet on Monday with a variety of calculations to solve. These can be done using an empty number line, counting up in jumps from the smallest number to the largest (e.g. finding the difference between 280 and 430… jump up from 280 to 300, from 300 to 400 and from 400 to 430 and then add the jumps), or by using column subtraction.


Your child will be given a comprehension from First News to complete. We will go through the comprehension together in school on Friday.


Please see the spelling sheet given out a couple of weeks ago for the word list for this week.

Homework week ending 10.5.2019


It was lovely to see so many of you at the assembly today. Your children love an audience!


This week we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes and symmetry. Your child has been given a booklet to reinforce the learning they have been doing in class.

We have linked our shape learning to our art work by producing pictures in the style of Piet Mondrian. See the photos below of the lovely art work. LEXIA

Only 6 children completed the assessments on the website which was set earlier this year. Please encourage your child to complete these tests before I close them and set new tests.

A few children have been working with the LEXIA programme in school. If your child has been completing these work tasks, please encourage them to use this website at home for further reinforcement of literacy skills.


Next week we will be learning spellings from the second column of the homework sheet sent out last week. Extra practice with these words at home would be beneficial for the children. Revision of words from previous homework sheets would also be useful.

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