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Mrs Furniss

Year 3 (67)

Sandwich making

In science, when we were learning about healthy eating, the children designed a sandwich they would like to eat. On Tuesday, the children are going to make a healthy sandwich to eat for their morning snack. I will supply butter and some fillings for the children to choose from, but it would be great if they could also supply some of their own as I cannot cater for all their tastes. The children can bring any type of bread to make their sandwich with e.g. wrap, sliced bread, pitta bread- whatever they enjoy the most.

Arts week in Year 3

What a creative week we have had in year 3! Activities have included performing a Roman play, creating music with percussion instruments suitable for a Roman army to march to (inspired by Karl Jenkins, ’The Armed Man’), and Roman board games. On Thursday we enjoyed a Roman afternoon in school with food which was brought to Britain by the Romans. Thank you to all the parents who provided wonderful Roman costumes for the children to wear. The children played Roman games and learned how to use Roman numerals. Please see the photos attached.

The children have spent time in the garden sketching the wide range of plants currently growing in the garden, and they have made shadow puppets and performed their own plays with them to one another.

In addition, the children have been very creative with their ideas and use of language to produce wonderful poems based on ‘The Magic’ Box, by Kit Wright. Please call in at the end of the day if you have time to read your child's work. Our classroom is full of beautiful art work which the children have produced over the past half term. A big thank you to everyone for your support with the Roman project this term. The children have produced a wide range of wonderful items to add to our classroom display. It would be lovely if you could see it all before it comes down at the end of the term.

Roman Afternoon

Year 3 will have a Roman afternoon on Thursday 13th July. This will involve Roman games and activities, marching using Latin commands, maths activities with Roman numerals and a feast with some food types eaten in the Roman times. Please help your child to create a costume to dress up in during the afternoon. There is no need to buy a costume as an old bed sheet can be used to create one quite easily. I will provide food for the event, but any additional donations of food will be gratefully received.

Mrs Furniss

Sport, Sport, Sport!

What an exciting week we have had in school! The children have taken part in lots of different activities including, tag rugby, skipping, netball and Zumba. We discovered that keeping fit is great fun as you will be able to see from the faces of the children in the photos.

Art at Notre Dame Year 3

Today the children in Year 3 visited Notre Dame to see the art work produced by the GCSE and A Level students.It was wonderful to see so much quality art on display. The children were all inspired by these artists to produce their own pieces of art. When they are all finished, they will be displayed in our classroom and you will all be invited to see our gallery of work.

Homework week ending 30.6.2017

SORRY- These will be given out on Monday.The end of the day was very busy with assembly and scooter club.


Schofield and Sims books have been sent home for one last time this term. We will keep the books in school over the summer, and they will be given to the Year 4 teacher for the cildren to use next year.


A new spelling sheet has been given out. Please help your child to spell the words from list 4.


Next week in science we will be looking at which parts of plants are edible. Please help your child to identify which parts of the plant they are eating at meal times eg carrots-root, peas- seeds, lettuce- leaves, apples- fruit.


Please help your child to complete their part of the 'PARENT QUESTIONNAIRES – 2017 ONLINE SURVEY' on our school website. Many children are unaware of how long they use the internet, so it would be helpful if you could support them with this question in order for us to be given accurate information. The more accurate the information is, the more useful the survey will be to us.

Thank you

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