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Mrs Furniss

Welcome to Year 3


I hope your child has enjoyed their first few days in Year 3. Each week, the homework tasks will appear on this page.


In Maths this week we have been reinforcing number sense. The children have used mathematical language including: digit, numeral, value, greater than. The homework task for this week is to estimate the position of numbers on a blank number line. Please encourage your child to explain their reasoning eg for the number 80 “I know that half way between zero and 100 is 50 and this number is greater than 50. It is closer to 100 than 50.”


Following guidance from the National Curriculum, we are following a spelling scheme to reinforce spellings from the Year 2 curriculum, and then we will move on to the Year 3 curriculum. Your child has been given a sheet with several spelling lists. This week we have looked at the spellings on lists 1 and 2. Please help your child to learn these words at home. Can they think of other words with the same spelling patterns?

In addition, we will reinforce the correct spelling of common usage words. This week I have identified the following words which we need to revise:

one   two   twelve   forty   house   because   alone make   made   with     have to (not hafto)   go   when



Your child has been given a red reading diary in which to record the title of the book they are reading and the number of pages they have read over the week. Please remind your child to return this book to school every Wednesday morning to enable me to see what books your child is reading. If you have any positive observations or concerns about reading, please make a note of them in this book. Do not feel that you have to write a comment every week. The books do get quite tatty over the year so it would be great if you could help your child to cover it with contact paper or wrapping paper.

We have many wonderful books in school which your child can borrow to read at home. Please return them to school once your child has finished reading them as we lose many books from our stock every year. If your child is reading from the reading scheme, they will continue to do so both in school and for home reading. If your child is not on scheme books, they have chosen a book themselves from the class library box. Please return these in the same way that you do the scheme books so that we have a good supply to share in our class. The most important thing is that your child reads regularly at home.

Talk homework/RE

Our RE topic for the first half of this term is about homes. We have discussed the differences between a house and a home. The children have reflected on the joys of their own homes, and they have thought about times when it can be difficult at home. Please talk to your child about why your home is special to you. Here are some of the things the children have written:

The Joys:

I like the lovely meals that my mum and dad cook.

I love my house because I like playing with my brother.

I like sleeping on my bed because it is cosy.

The best thing about my house is having a rabbit.

I like my house because I have my family there.

The sorrows:

I have to go to bed early on school days.

I don’t get to have football in the house.

I don’t like tidying my bedroom.

We do chores that I don’t like.

My mum says no jumping on the bed.

(No surprises there!)

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Furniss and Mrs Garnett