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Mrs Furniss

Homework week ending 14th September



In our maths lessons we have been looking at how to derive new number facts from known facts. Your child has been given a booklet to write as many known facts as they can from the given number fact. There are examples on page one to show you what we have been doing in class and what vocabulary we have been using. Please spend a maximum of 30 minutes on this maths homework. If your child is struggling, please make a note of this on the work.


Thank you for reminding your child to return their reading record book to school. 22 children returned their books this week. Thank you to the parents who helped their children to cover their books. Reading books have been changed where necessary. Please return the reading books to school when your child has finished reading them to keep our stocks at a good level for other children to choose from.

Science/Talk homework

Please see the previous post on the page to see what we have been doing in science.


Please help your child to spell the words for week 2 on the spelling sheet. We have been working on these words in class. There will be a spelling test of some of the words next week. If your child is struggling to spell all the words, please focus only on the words your child is most likely to need in their independent writing. The following website is great to support the learning of spellings at home. Please click Y2 and you will see that the first six spelling rules cover what the children have been learning over the past two weeks. Some of the words are the same as our spelling word list, but there are also other words which follow the same spelling patterns.

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Furniss and Mrs Garnett