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Mrs Furniss

Homework week ending 28th September


This week I have sent a revision booklet covering a range of maths skills. The booklet is from the Y2 Maths Mastery curriculum. This should take a maximum of 30 minutes. We revisit different areas of the maths curriculum throughout the year to revise language and calculation skills. Please support your child to complete as many questions as possible in the thirty minutes. Please identify any questions your child struggles to complete to enable me to select appropriate revision content for the Maths Meetings.


Thank you for reminding your child to return their reading record book to school. Please continue to read with your child at home.

In our English lessons we have been using time adverbials (Adverbs of time tell us when an action happened, for how long, and how often) eg later that afternoon, next, suddenly, soon afterwards, moments later, that afternoon. Please encourage your child to look out for these words and phrases as they read.

We have also looked at contracted words eg didn’t doesn’t can’t. Please help your child to look for these words as they read, and see if they can identify which letters are missing.


Please help your child to spell the words for week 4 on the new spelling sheet given out this week. We have been working on these words in class. There will be a spelling test of some of the words next week. If your child is struggling to spell all the words, please focus only on the words your child is most likely to need in their independent writing.

Please continue to use Spelling Frame at home to support the learning of our weekly spellings.

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Furniss and Mrs Garnett