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Mrs Furniss

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

Featured Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

Congratulations to the Year 3 children who had a successful day learning about life in Victorian times at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. The photograph shows the children before we set off. Note how they are posing as they would have done in Victorian times with their most serious facial expressions. The children learned about Victorian toys, they did the washing for Mrs Tyzac, and they learned about the jobs that Victorian people did there.

We are the first school to visit who had a child able to say what d stands for with old money. Well done to Magnus who knew that it was ‘denarius’ a Roman coin. Humphrey knew so much information already about the site that he was invited by our guide to explain the how the furnaces worked. I think Year 3 will have given a very good impression to the staff of Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.

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