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Mrs Furniss

Homework week ending 12.10.2018



It was lovely to hear the poems chosen by the children. They read with confidence and expression, and the rest of the class really enjoyed listening to the poems. There is still the opportunity for children to complete this activity if they haven’t already done so.

This week, please encourage your child to do some research about children in Victorian times. We have just started to make notes in school, so if your child would like to make a few notes about what they have found out that would be great. However, the main emphasis is reading and understanding the text, and learning new information. We will be doing plenty of writing about our topic in school when the children have enough information to write about.

In ICT the children have learned about key words to use when searching for information. If they add KS2 to their search, they should find age appropriate texts to read.


Your child has been given a booklet with activities which support and revise some of the learning they have been doing in class.


The results from the spelling test last week was the best we have had so far. 10 children scored 10/10 on the test. This week we have been learning spellings from lists 5 and 6. Please encourage your child to learn these words at home for a spelling test next Tuesday.