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Mrs Furniss

Homework week ending 8.11.18



For our class assembly next week we will recite a poem. Please encourage your child to read the poem several times, with expression, to help them to commit the words to memory. They do not need to be word perfect as they will be able to support one another as they recite it together. Your child has been given a few lines of their own to learn too. They have been practising projecting voices and speaking clearly, so hopefully you will be able to hear all the children on Friday.

It would be great if the children could wear odd socks for the assembly too. They can either come to school wearing them, or they could bring them to change into at school.


Next week we will have a spelling test of the words from the last spelling sheet. We have revised the rules for adding suffixes to root words. Please ask your child to explain the rules they have been learning. A new sheet will be sent out next week.


Our current maths topic is mental addition and subtraction of 3 digit numbers. The work will lead to recording column addition and subtraction calculations. There are several sheets on the homework booklet. Some children are working quickly, and they will be able to complete all the sheets within thirty minutes. If there are too many sheets for your child to complete, please encourage them to do what they can in the given time.

Have a good weekend

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