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Mrs Furniss

Homework week ending 25.1.19



We are continuing to learn multiplication and division facts for the 3 and 4 times tables. Please help your child to complete the missing numbers for the calculations sheet. Please remind them that if they don’t know 3 x 9, they can calculate 9 x 3 by counting up in multiples of three until they reach nine groups of three.

There is an additional sheet with problems to solve. Please encourage your child to talk about what facts they know from each problem, and what they need to find out. This will help them to calculate the answers.


Question When baby moles are born they are usually about 2cm long. An adult mole is usually ten times longer. How long would an adult mole be?

"We know the first value is 2cm. We know the second value is ten times greater than the first value. We don't know the second value. To work out the second value we need to multiply 2cm by ten."


There will be a spelling test next week of the words from spring 1 week three. Last week 16 children got all the spellings correct, and a further 5 children made just one spelling error. It was our best week so far.



This week we have been looking at how an apostrophe is used. We looked at apostrophes for contractions (could not becomes couldn’t), and for possession (the dog’s ball). Your child has been set two tasks on to practise using contractions. The test also includes commas in a list.

The children have been given a game to reinforce how to use the possessive apostrophe. This can be used with two or more players.


Please remind your child to return their reading book each week. Beads will be given to children who remember their books.

Next week is National Storytelling Week. The Radio 2 500 words website has many stories written by children which your child can access at home. Please ask your child to tell you about any stories they choose to listen to. We will be doing this activity in school too.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Furniss and Mrs Garnett

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