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Mrs Furniss

Homework week ending 8.3.2019



Your child has been given a reading comprehension to complete. It is about Stonehenge. Please help your child to locate the information in the text before answering the questions. Any additional research about this site would be great as the children will begin to write their own information texts about our history topic next week.


Next week, the children will complete a maths assessment. The assessments cover the whole of the maths curriculum for Y3, so some areas will not have been taught yet. The booklet your child has been given is similar to what they will be doing in school, so it will give you an idea about what the children are expected to do at this age. Please help your child to complete as much of the booklet as they can. This will give your child chance to revise areas of maths that we covered a while ago, but they may have forgotten.