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Mrs Furniss

Experiencing the Arts in Year 3

Featured Experiencing the Arts in Year 3

We had such an interesting day on Tuesday! The day began with a concert by the Halle Orchestra at the City Hall. It was wonderful for the children to experience a live orchestra playing for them.

After lunch in the Winter Gardens, we visited the Millennium Gallery to see drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. We looked in particular at the sketches he made of the muscles of a human body. It surprised us to see how many different muscles we have.

We also visited Graves Art Gallery. We looked in detail at some of the paintings, and we discussed what the artists were trying to communicate to us through the paintings. One of the paintings was a Lowry, currently on loan to the gallery, which was great to see as we have been studying his work in school. Then the children were given time to choose a painting to sketch. At this point, the gallery fell almost silent for a while as the children all concentrated hard with their drawings.

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