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Mrs Furniss

Homework week ending 17.5.19


Apologies! - I forgot to hand out the homework sheets on Friday as the end of the day was particularly busy.


This week we have been working with measures. We have used grams, kilograms, litres and millilitres. Please encourage your child to identify the mass and capacity of items at home. If you have scales, it would be good to for your child to estimate and then check the weight of different items. The more experience they have of estimating, the more accurate the estimates will become. Playing with empty bottles in the bath is also a fun way of reinforcing understanding of capacity.

In school, the children were asked to calculate the difference between estimates and measurements. This is something we covered in detail during the autumn term, but it is clear that many children need more practice with this skill. Your child will be given a sheet on Monday with a variety of calculations to solve. These can be done using an empty number line, counting up in jumps from the smallest number to the largest (e.g. finding the difference between 280 and 430… jump up from 280 to 300, from 300 to 400 and from 400 to 430 and then add the jumps), or by using column subtraction.


Your child will be given a comprehension from First News to complete. We will go through the comprehension together in school on Friday.


Please see the spelling sheet given out a couple of weeks ago for the word list for this week.