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Homework week ending 25th September

Homework week ending 25th September


In our maths lessons we have been adding two digit numbers using partitioning ( eg 47 becomes 4 tens and 7 ones), regrouping (exchanging ten ones for a 10 stick)  and ‘make ten’ (moving up to the next multiple of 10).  Your child has been given a sheet with calculations on it. Please spend a maximum of 30 minutes on this maths homework.  If your child is struggling, please make a note of this on the work.

Here are examples of how your child could complete the calculation    37 + 28. They all involve partitioning 28 into 2 tens and 8 ones.

If your child has been given different maths homework, please help your child to complete this work instead.


Thank you for reminding your child to return their reading record book to school. Please continue to read with your child at home. Reading books have been changed where necessary. Please return the reading books to school when your child has finished reading them to keep our stocks at a good level for other children to choose from.


Please help your child to spell the common usage words which have been highlighted on the spelling sheet. We have been working on these words in class. If your child has just a few words to learn, please help them to spell the days of the week correctly.

We have used spelling Frame in school to support the learning of our weekly spellings, and the children have enjoyed using the site. Please encourage your child to use the site at home.


If you can, get out and about this weekend and talk trees!

Ask the children if they recognise any of the trees we looked at in school and can remember their names. If there are trees they cannot name look them up and bring an example of their leaf with its written name into school on Monday.

On Monday afternoon we will be looking at seeds and how they are dispersed, so it would be great if the children could collect any examples of seeds and bring them into school to look at and discuss.

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Furniss and Mrs Armstrong


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