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Y3 activity day

Featured Y3 activity day

On Tuesday the children learned how to make replica Stone Age necklaces using clay. They read some instructions to find out how to make them, and then the children wrote their own set of instructions. Today, they set about trying to follow their own instructions to make a replica necklace. The bead bones and teeth are now drying out ready to be threaded next week.

In the afternoon, the children worked in the woods to create stone structures similar to the ones we have been learning about during the Stone Age. Before they began, they practised designs using a variety of wooden bricks. Take a look at the photos of these activities. I’m sure you will be impressed with what the children created. They worked together well showing resilience and good co-operation skills.

At the end of the session, the children visited the different structures and the team who made them explained what they had created. Back in the classroom, the children wrote a brief description of their structures. Here are some of the descriptions for you to match to the photos:

Our stone structure is called The Bird Stone. Our structure is used for feeding birds. It looks like a castle with seeds on it.     Magnus

Our stone structure is called Standhenge. It was used as a burial ground. It is made out of stone. It looks really nice. We used big rocks and sticks.     Eleanor and Adriel

Our stone structure is called Pebblehenge. It was used for telling the time. It is made from stone and greens. It has an archway, a circle of tiny stones and some dirt. It looks like Stonehenge but it is also made of pebbles.     Zofia and Ellen W

Our stone structure is called Stone Home. It is a burial ground. It had holly leaves around it to stop people touching it with their hands, but they could touch it with their feet.     Nichu

Our stone structure is called Flintstone House. It was used for keeping safe at night and for keeping precious things in it. It looks like a small mountain and it has stones around it. At the back it has got lots of sticks to look like decorations.     Eibhlin, Indie and Charlotte

Our stone structure is called Flintstone Burial Site. It was used for praying for and burning the dead people. It is made from rocks and stones.     Noah

Our stone structure is called Poshposh. It was for little creatures to live in. It has flowers, rocks and leaves in the middle.     Margaret, Lily-Mae and Emily

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