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Homework week ending 16.10.2020



This week your child has made a single decade Rosary. Please help your child to use it at home when they say their prayers. The Hail Mary is one of the prayers the children need to know when they make their First Holy Communion.


The children have written wonderful poems this week about the woods. They were encouraged to use the vocabulary we have been learning during our story writing topic to describe the woods in detail. Please read some poems to and with your child this week and discuss them together. Which poems do they like best and why? The children could look for rhyming patterns in the poem eg in the first verse, if words at the end of the second and fourth line rhyme, check to see if this is the pattern for all the verses. They could look at how the poem is presented on the page, noting the capital letter at the start of each line and any other punctuation that helps the reader to read the poem with the correct intonation.


The children are getting faster at recalling number pairs to 100. Please help to develop this skill further by asking questions like:

If I spent 37p at the shop, how much change would I get from one pound?

I need one pound to buy some stickers and I have saved 59p already. How much more do I need to save to have enough to buy them?

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