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Mrs Fernandes

Mrs Furniss

End of Half Term

Thank you to all the parents who have registered for our class Edmodo site. Please note that your child will not be able to access the Y3 classroom with the registration they had for Y2. Each virtual classroom has different login information. We would like to begin posting homework on the Edmodo site once all the children have access to it. Until then, we will use this class page. I will post a brief message on our class page so you will be able to see if your registration works. I will admit children who register during the holiday before we return to school. We would like to have our classroom up and running in case we have to close our bubble. 

Our enquiry question for the autumn term is “Do I see what is really there?” Over the past half term, the children have looked closely at trees. We have taken advantage of the school woodland area and garden to closely observe a variety of trees and leaves. The children have looked at photographs and artist representations of trees, and they have been involved in various art activities to recreate what they see. The children have learned to look carefully and to discuss what they see. This has helped to develop their vocabulary, and the children used some of this vocabulary to write stories set in the woods. Towards the end of the term, the children looked at different styles of poetry, and they created their own poem using language from their art lessons.   

We are delighted with the work the children have produced, and we have created a class book of photographs, comments from the children and some of the artwork. We would love you to see this book, so we will find a way to share what we have done so far when we start using Edmodo. 

Over the holiday, please continue to encourage your child to look closely at their natural environment and encourage them to talk about what they see. Also, please continue to read regularly with your child. They have all worked hard this half term, and I'm sure they are ready to have some time to play and relax.

Have a lovely half term break. 

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