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Homework week ending 18.4.19

The children wrote lovely poems during the holiday, and we are planning to display them in the cloakroom area. If your child hasn't returned their poem yet, there is still time to do so.

To brighten up the display further, it would be lovely if the children could make a spring flower, butterfly, chick or any other spring item to display with the poems. Any size up to about 15cm would be good.


This week we have been looking at spellings from the list beginning with basically. Please encourage your child to practise these spellings at home.

Have a lovely Easter break!

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Experiencing the Arts in Year 3

We had such an interesting day on Tuesday! The day began with a concert by the Halle Orchestra at the City Hall. It was wonderful for the children to experience a live orchestra playing for them.

After lunch in the Winter Gardens, we visited the Millennium Gallery to see drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. We looked in particular at the sketches he made of the muscles of a human body. It surprised us to see how many different muscles we have.

We also visited Graves Art Gallery. We looked in detail at some of the paintings, and we discussed what the artists were trying to communicate to us through the paintings. One of the paintings was a Lowry, currently on loan to the gallery, which was great to see as we have been studying his work in school. Then the children were given time to choose a painting to sketch. At this point, the gallery fell almost silent for a while as the children all concentrated hard with their drawings.

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Stone Age Tools

Today, Humphrey's dad came to show us some special artefacts from Stone Age times. He talked to us about how the tools would have been made, and he explained what the tools would have been used for. He even brought a water-carrier which is 5,000 years old!

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Poetry in Year 3 - click here for the poem

Thursday 21st March is World Poetry Day. To celebrate the day, Dawn came to work with us in school. She shared several of her poems including poems about snowmen, steam trains and Grandads. She helped the children to use alliteration to draft a poem based on the Solomon Grundy poem, and she worked with a small group of children to help them to create their own poems using the picture of a dog driving a car!

Sections of poems from several children have been use to create this collaborative poem. I’m sure you will be impressed with what they produced.

  • Published in Year 3
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