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Learning about Mass in Y3

Today, Henry, who is a seminarian, visited Y3KS to speak to us about what happens in the mass and why it happens. Henry brought in a chalice, some bread, a bible, a purifier and other items they use in church. He spoke about why each item is used and what it means to Catholics. The children learnt lots of new words which will support them when we continue to learn about the Eucharist next term! Thank you, Henry.

Please see the photo gallery below.

  • Published in Year 3

Chinese New Year in Y3

With Chinese New Year approaching, two pupils from Y3KS kindly made a presentation to share with their fellow classmates. They told us all about how they prepare for Chinese New Year, the Zodiac animals and how it will be the year of the dog. They also spoke about the special red envelopes that children receive for Chinese New Year that contain money!

 See the photo gallery below for some pictures of the exciting presentation.

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French Galette in Y3!

There was great excitement in Y3KS on Tuesday afternoon when the children played a game which involved eating French cake called Galette. Four children were lucky enough to find a fève (token in the form of a little toy) inside the galette and they were subsequently crowned kings and queens (les rois et les reines).  The kings and queens were then given the power to boss their friends around for the rest of the afternoon (in the nicest possible way!) Well done children. Félicitations les enfants!

Here is the video of the song we learnt before we are our galette:

See the photo gallery below for some pictures of our afternoon.

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Italian and Spanish Songs in Y3

On Friday afternoon,Y3 were lucky enough to be taught an Italian dance called the Cala La Panza and a Spanish dance called the Chu Chu Ua. The children loved learning the new moves and were fantastic dancers.

The links to the videos are below, as some of the children wanted to watch them at home.

Chu Chu Ua

Cala La Panza

See the photo gallery to check out some of their moves!

  • Published in Year 3
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