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Roman Topic Day in Y3

We had a very exciting day in Y3 today, as we were transported back in time to experience life as a Roman!

The children pretended to be Roman soldiers and rehearsed following the Roman soldier commands. They also designed posters, made mosaics and worked on their Roman numerals. We even had a buffet with lots of different food and drink!

See the photo gallery below for some pictures of our fantastic day!

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Roman Place Names

This morning, Y3 were looking at the origins of place names. The children discovered that places ending in caster, wich and port are of Roman origin. The children sorted the place names and then they found the locations on a floor map and recorded them on the map.

The children used an atlas to identify the countries invaded by the Romans, and they recorded these countries on a blank map of Europe.

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Roman Shields in Y3KS

Year 3 have been making the most of the sunshine and made their Roman shield outside!

See the photo gallery below for their different designs.

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Y3 Homework Friday 6th July 2018

Roman Numerals
The children should complete the Roman numerals secret codes sheet and return this to school by Wednesday 11th July.

Please continue to read regularly with your child. Reward points will be given to children who record what they have read in their reading diaries. Please ask your child to tell you about what they have read. This will help to ensure your child can understand the text they are reading.

During their morning work, the children have been looking at homophones and near homophones. These are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have a different meaning. Please look through the workbooks with the children, complete any unfinished work and practise the spellings. The spellings are:

grate, great, grown, groan, plain, plane, peace, piece, rain, reign

scent, sent, vain, vein, rode, road, steel, steal, waist, waste

Please check that your child can spell these words and use them correctly in a sentence. There will be a spelling test on these words.

  • Published in Year 3
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