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Mrs Fernandes

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Year 3 (64)

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

 On Wednesday, Year 3 visited Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet to see what the homes and work places would have been like for the children in Victorian times. They all came to school dressed in Victorian style clothing. Thank you to parents for supplying the costumes.Click on the photos(including the title for this post) to see how wonderful they all looked. All the parent helpers and school staff also dressed up for the trip, but most adults managed to avoid the camera!

The behaviour of the children was very good throughout the busy day, and they impressed the staff at Abbeydale with clear and knowledgeable answers to the questions they were asked.Well done Year 3!

Homework week ending 22.11.19


We will be going on our trip to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet on Wednesday. In preparation for this, please help your child to research what children used to wear in Victorian times. It would be lovely if the children could come to school in Victorian style clothing. Do encourage your child to be involved in deciding what they could wear. Please ensure that your child has warm clothing and a warm coat as some activities take place outside or in draughty workshops.


Please help your child to spell the words on the final two lists from their spelling sheet. As an extra challenge for children who can spell these  already, here are some words your child will need to write during our Victorians topic:

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet   chimney    maid   factory  conditions    miner    coal    industrial


Please continue to read with your child.  In class, we are learning how to take notes. Please encourage your child to summarise what they have read about.This skill will help them to identify the key information in the text.

Parent meetings

As there are two teachers who work with your child, we have decided that one of us will be in the hall for private discussions about your child and the other will be in the classroom where we will be available to answer general questions about our teaching techniques and the curriculum in general.  


Homework week ending 15.11.19



This week we have been looking at how a root word changes when a suffix is added.

eg make – mak (e) making                cross off the e before adding ing

hop – hopping    double the final single consonant

jump – jumping  no change because there are already two consonants following the vowel

In addition to the words on the spelling list, please help your child to think of different verbs and try adding suffixes to them. Watch out for the ones which don’t follow the rules eg the verb ‘to be’ doesn’t lose the e before adding ing.


We have started our Victorians topic this half term. The focus is mainly on what life was like for children in Victorian times. Please help your child to research some information about the Victorians in books or on the internet. If the search entry includes KS2 after it, suitable texts should appear for your child to access. The more information and images the children can gather in their minds before we begin writing tasks, the easier it will be for them to record the information when we complete writing tasks in school.


Please continue to help your child to practise times tables facts for the 2x, 5x and 10x tables if they are not already secure with these facts. Many children can count up in multiples of these numbers, but they struggle to recall facts in a random order eg 8x5 followed by 6x5.

By the end of the academic year, the children will be expected to know multiplication and division facts for the 3x, 4x and 8x tables. There will be a greater focus on times tables in school in the spring term.

Homework week ending 8.11.19



Your child has been given a booklet of various maths topics to revise what the children have been learning in Y2 and Y3. We haven’t covered fractions this term, but the activities will revise what the children covered in Y2. The children will complete a PUMA assessment next week to allow us to identify particular mathematical strengths and areas to work on for the next term. The results of these assessments will be discussed at the parent meetings later in the term.


We are currently covering two spelling lists per week to revise the spellings from the Y2 curriculum. The spellings for the next three weeks are on the spelling list your child has been given. This week we have worked on spellings from lists 1 and 2.


Next week is our class assembly. This week, for reading homework, please encourage your child to read aloud using expression and intonation. Please encourage your child to project their voice (but not shout) as they read.

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