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Mrs Fernandes

Mrs Furniss

Year 3 (64)

Homework week ending 20th September


We have done some spelling tests this term for the most common words your child is likely to use when writing. Your child has been given a sheet of the words they need to learn. Sometimes, children get into bad habits if they are consistently writing the same words incorrectly. It is important to break these habits before they are too embedded in muscle memory. If your child has many words to learn, please just choose a few to concentrate on each week. We will be practising the words in school too.


Your child has been given a sheet to reinforce the use of signs for greater than and less than.

Please try some of the games to promote mental calculations from the handout given at the parent information evening. Please call in to collect a booklet of you were unable to attend.


Please encourage your child to read regularly at home. In addition, please read to your child and discuss the content and vocabulary of the texts.

Homework week ending 13th September



Your child has been given some sheets to reinforce place value understanding. Please help your child to complete these sheets, and support them with any errors they make when completing them eh number reversals and spelling errors.


Please help your child to spell the words for week 2 on the spelling list. We had about one third of the children achieving full marks with the spelling test this week. Thank you for helping your child to learn the words at home.


Reading books have been sent out this week. Please encourage your child to read as regularly as possible at home. Home reading has a huge impact on literacy skills for primary school children. We will talk about this at the meeting next week.

Homework week ending 6.9.2019


We have had a very busy week in school, and the children have worked very hard. The homework, which will be published here each week, is set to support the learning in school.


Our first topic is ‘Homes’. The children have looked at different homes, and they have reflected over what makes a house a home. They have identified good things about sharing a home with their family, and they have reflected on times when it can be difficult eg having to tidy up after someone, having to wait to use something.

We have had a brief look at different homes around the world on Dollar Street. Please help your child to access this site. They can choose which countries they would like to explore to see what types of homes are found in these places.


The children have been looking at place value this week. Your child has been given a booklet to estimate positions of numbers on a line. Please talk to your child about how to estimate the position. Finding the number half way along the line is a good way to begin. Please return the booklet to school by Wednesday.

There will be a big focus on recall of times tables this term. We will begin by reinforcing the facts for the 2x, 5x, and 10x tables. Hit the Button is a good game for the children to play to encourage the children to recall the facts at speed.


This week we have been reinforcing words with a silent initial letter k, g and w. Please help your child to learn to read and spell the words on the spelling sheet. Just focus on spelling the most common words if your child is struggling to learn all the words. The spelling sheet the children have been given is homework for the next three weeks.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Furniss and Mrs Armstrong

Thank You!

Dear Parents,

Thank you all for your gifts and cards, and your kind words. We are very grateful to you all for the way you have supported us throughout the year. Thank you for supporting your child with homework tasks, for funding our educational visits, and for your generous donations to our school fund and the other charities we support in school.

We would like to wish you all a very happy summer.

With love from Mrs Furniss and Mrs Garnett

Roman afternoon in Y3

Today the children in year 3 had a fun afternoon pretending to be Roman citizens. First of all, they played several team games involving Roman numerals, jigsaws and information of what the Romans brought to Britain. This must have helped to build up an appetite for them all because they then ate a huge Roman feast of items including olives, grapes, celery, cabbage (yes- the children ate cabbage without needing encouragement!), bread and peppers. This was washed down nicely with a cup of juice. The children looked fabulous in their costumes. I have shared some photos with you all.

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