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Mrs Furniss

Year 3 (106)

Y3 Homework Friday 2nd March 2018

Schofield and Sims

The children should complete one page of their Schofield and Sims book and return their book to school by Wednesday. Please complete any corrections before beginning a new test.

Please read through the comprehension that your child has brought home with them. They should be able to discuss what they have read in detail and answer the questions, explaining how they know the answer. The children will be tested on their reading and comprehension skills next week, so this will help prepare them for these tests.

Please continue to read regularly with your child. Reward points will be given to children who record what they have read in their reading diaries.

Enjoy the snow this weekend!

Chinese lesson in Y3F

Today Mrs Lagason came to school to teach us how to say some words in Chinese. Jakob helped his mum, and he really imprerssed us with his Chinese reading and writing skills. Click on the post to see some photos.

Father Chris visits Y3F

Father Chris came today to talk to us about the Mass. We helped him to prepare the Altar with all the important items used at Mass. Father Chris did a ‘walk through’ of the whole Mass, and he asked us questions to check our understanding. At the end of the lesson, we had chance at the end to ask Father Chris our own questions.

Spring Singing Preparation in Y3

Today,  Y3 had their final singing lesson with Caroline, before our Spring Concert at the Cathedral later this month. She was very impressed with the beautiful singing and the children are very excited about our upcoming performance. I’m sure you will enjoy the concert. Tickets will be available shortly.

Learning about Mass in Y3

Today, Henry, who is a seminarian, visited Y3KS to speak to us about what happens in the mass and why it happens. Henry brought in a chalice, some bread, a bible, a purifier and other items they use in church. He spoke about why each item is used and what it means to Catholics. The children learnt lots of new words which will support them when we continue to learn about the Eucharist next term! Thank you, Henry.

Please see the photo gallery below.

Chinese New Year in Y3

With Chinese New Year approaching, two pupils from Y3KS kindly made a presentation to share with their fellow classmates. They told us all about how they prepare for Chinese New Year, the Zodiac animals and how it will be the year of the dog. They also spoke about the special red envelopes that children receive for Chinese New Year that contain money!

 See the photo gallery below for some pictures of the exciting presentation.

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