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Year 3 (79)

Judaism Week Y3

This week the children have been learning about the Jewish faith. The main focus for year 3 in our Come and See RE scheme is the Synagogue. Mrs Fuganti came to school to talk to the children about the Synagogue their family attends in Sheffield. She brought some interesting Jewish artefacts into school to show the children. The children had the opportunity to ask questions to learn more about Judaism.

Outdoor learning Y3F

The children in Year 3 had a lovely morning of learning today. All the learning took place outside because it was international outdoor classroom day. The focus for the learning was to find ways to improve our school grounds. The children created temporary art work using fabric, painted stones which will be assembled to become a more permanent piece of art for our school grounds, and they spent time thinking about how we can make improvements to a currently disused area of our school grounds. See the photo gallery to find out more about these activities.

Y3KS visit the Victorian Classroom

On Friday, the children in Y3KS visited the Victorian Classroom. The children were taught by Miss Sharp and were able to travel back in time to discover what life was like for Victorian school children. The children had an exciting day and enjoyed acting as their Victorian characters!

See the photo gallery below to see what the children got up to.

Y3 Homework Friday 6th October

Year 3 Homework Friday 6th October 2017


This week the children will receive their Schofield and Sims work books. We ask that the children complete no more than 30 minutes work or one page of their book. The children will benefit from any support while working through these books, as the wording of some questions can be harder to understand at times. Supporting your child with their Schofield and Sims will also deepen their understanding of the concepts they are covering. The questions get progressively harder throughout the book, so you may find that your child completes the first few pages with ease. If possible, we ask that parents mark any questions your child needed support to answer with an ‘A’ or ‘S’, so we can address any common misconceptions and difficulties in school.


Your child has been given a reading record book in which to record any reading done at home. Please encourage your child to read as much as possible at home. Reading to your child is also a valuable opportunity to develop their comprehension skills. Please encourage your child to record the date and book title in the record book every time they read. Your child will be rewarded in school for regular reading activities at home. If your child is still reading books from our structured reading scheme, they will be provided with books from school. We have a good selection of books in the school library which your child may borrow from to read at home. A new book can be chosen when books are returned to school. Alternatively, your child can choose to read books which you have at home. Please return the red record book to school by Wednesday in order for us to award reward points.


The children have been set a test to complete on Within school, we have been looking at what happens to the spelling of words when different suffixes are added. Such as, removing the ‘e’ when adding –ing (come becomes coming).The children should complete the test on to support this learning at home and to enable us to monitor their progress.

The children have already received their usernames and passwords. If you are having trouble accessing the website or have misplaced the username and password, please see Miss Scriven or Mrs Furniss.

Y3AF visit to the Victorian classroom

On Thursday the children in Y3AF discovered what it was like to travel back in time to the Victorian era. They experienced what a school day was like for Victorian children. It was a very exciting and sometimes very scary experience. Please see the attached photos which will show you all the activities the children experienced.

Homework week ending 29th September


Please encourage your child to continue to read regularly at home. Please continue to return the reading diaries to school each week to enable us to give reward points to your children.

Why Weight

Both classes have been given activities linked to their learning with Why Weight, a programme which aims to educate the children into making good choices about the food they eat. Please talk to your child about what they have been learning about in these lessons.


Tuesday was International Languages day. The children had a lesson with Pablo’s mum about names of body parts in Spanish, and they learned to sing ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ in Spanish. They have been given a sheet to design a monster, and the instructions are written in Spanish. Here are the English translations in case they can’t remember the vocabulary.

Cabeza –head

Ojos- eyes

Boca- mouth

Pie- foot


Many children are confusing the words where and were when writing sentences. Please help your child to complete the sentences on the sheet they have been given by writing the correct word in the spaces. 

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