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Mrs Furniss

Year 3 (129)

Italian and Spanish Songs in Y3

On Friday afternoon,Y3 were lucky enough to be taught an Italian dance called the Cala La Panza and a Spanish dance called the Chu Chu Ua. The children loved learning the new moves and were fantastic dancers.

The links to the videos are below, as some of the children wanted to watch them at home.

Chu Chu Ua

Cala La Panza

See the photo gallery to check out some of their moves!

Safer Internet Week in Y3

This week is Safer Internet Week at St Marie’s. In Y3 we have been looking at how we are all connected and the importance of our digital footprint.

We used string to create a spider web on how we are all connected. Some of us are connected through our different interests, such as football, dance or martial arts. Others are connected through clubs, such as Brownies and Beavers. But, we are all connected through St Marie’s School!

We also spoke about the importance of knowing about our digital footprint and how everything we do online leaves a footprint. We traced around our feet and stuck down the different websites we access online, to see what our digital footprints look like.

Homework week ending 9.2.18

fact file





Your child has been given an information sheet entitled Volcano Alert. Please ask your child to read this newspaper article to you and then answer the questions about it.


We are having a break from Schofield and Sims this week. If you have internet access, please encourage your child to use the Hit the Button game to sharpen mental calculation skills. It should come up on page one of any search engine, but here is the link in case you are unable to find it.


We are working hard in school to learn the songs for our spring concert. There are lots of words to learn, so we have given the children the words to some of the songs to go through at home.


Please encourage your child to complete their fact file to support their learning about How and Why the Earth Rumbles, and then return it to school when it is complete.



Internet Safety Day

For Internet Safety Day, (SID) the children learned about their Digital Footprint. They then created their own footprint of the Apps they use onine.

We also watched some short video clips about safety on the Internet. These covered the following topics:

  • Ask an adult before watching videos online
  • How to make an Avatar
  • How images on the Internet do not always show the whole picture

Please talk to your child about how they can stay safe online.

Internet Safety in Y3

This week we are learning about Internet Safety. Today we talked about being connected. We made a web to show how we are connected to one another in class eg children who go to after school club together, attend the same church, travel on the bus to school together etc. We the talked about how the Internet can connect us all together. We had an assembly where we learnt about how important it is to be kind to one another on the internet when we connect together.

Later in the week we will be learning about the different ways in which we use the internet to make connections with one another. We will learn what it means to have a Digital Footprint.

Italian lesson in Y3

Today Mrs Disha came to school to teach us some Italian words. We learnt:

  • Ciao, mi chiamo (hello my name is)
  • Come stai? (How are you?)
  • blu, verde, rosso, giallo, rosa, arancione (different colour words)

We learnt to count to 10 in Italian and we also learned the names of some common nouns. We heard some super Italian accents. I wonder if your child can remember any of the vocabulary.

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