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Mrs Furniss

Year 3 (112)

Year 3 Homework Friday 1st December

Year 3 Homework Friday 1st December

Please continue to read regularly with your child and return their reading record to school.

Schofield and Sims
The children should complete one page of their Schofield and Sims book.

RE Talk Homework
In RE, we have started our new topic on Visitors. We have read the story, ‘A Visitor for Bear’ by Bonny Becker ( and looked at how Bear acted towards his visitor. The children then spoke about what makes a good host and what we can do for our visitors.

Please ask your child to share this with you and discuss what visitors we may have in school or at home, over the next few weeks.

Homework week ending 24th November

Homework week ending 24th November


This week your child has been given a game to play to reinforce learning done in class. We will return to using the Schofield and Sims books next week.


Please help your child to learn the words from spelling list 2. The sheet was sent home a couple of weeks ago. Here are the words in case your list has been misplaced:

Evil e words (The e at the end of the words makes a long vowel sound- h o p  becomes  h o p e)

pope, slope, tube, cube, name game, cape, escape, bake, cake

Closed and open syllable (if the first syllable in a word ends in a consonant, the vowel is short eg   den tist  - the e is short. If the first syllable ends in a vowel, the vowel is long, eg be yond- the e is long)

Atlantic, fantastic, dentist, sunset, electric, beyond, moment, student, protest, slogan


Please continue to read regularly with your child.

Y3 Homework Friday 17th November

Y3 Homework
Friday 17th November 2017

Schofield and Sims
The children should complete one page of their Schofield and Sims book.

The children should continue to read at home every day. We have noticed that some children are not returning their reading records to school. We would like the children to return these so we can see the types of books they are reading at home and to ensure they are reading regularly. The children will be given reward points for returning their reading records to school.
The children have been set a test on prefixes. A prefix comes before the root word and can change the meaning of the word, e.g. happy can become unhappy when the prefix is added. The children have been looking at root words and suffixes in class and we hope this additional learning will support them. Please see Miss Scriven or Mrs Furniss if you have misplaced your username or password.

Homework week ending 10.11.2017


Please continue with Schofield and Sims


We are reading Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley at school. Please ask your child to talk to you about the characters we have met in the story so far. Please help your child to discuss characters in the stories they are reading at home. An important comprehension skill is to be able to infer information from a text. The text might not say that a character is mean, thoughtful, timid etc, but their actions or words they speak will give you this information about the characters.


We have started to use the WordBlaze scheme this half term. Periodically, the children will be given spelling tests to check their progress. Rather than sending home small lists of words, we have decided to send home several word lists. We will keep you informed about which word lists we are currently working on/ are planning to assess. This week, please help your child to spell the words from word list 1.


As part of our topic about Promises, the children have been learning about Saints. Please talk to your child about the Saint’s name you chose to take if you have been confirmed, and why you chose this Saint. Please help your child to research one Saint, and encourage them to produce a piece of writing with key information about that Saint eg the day they are remembered, why they were chosen to become a Saint. We ask that you discourage your child from printing off information from the internet to bring to school. Instead, please help your child to read about the Saint they have chosen, and help them to produce their own information sheet. We will create a book of Saints in school with all the work.

Philosophy Circle

Today we had our first Philosophy circle. We talked a little bit at first about how we are all different, and that we all process information in different ways. We talked about how important it is to support one another to make good choices.

The children worked in groups to think of questions they would like to discuss as a class. Each group selected their best question, and then the children voted on which question to discuss. The question they chose was:

Why do some people fight in the playground?

The word ‘fight’ was interpreted by the children during the discussion as falling out with or being mean to someone. The children explained their thoughts and opinions clearly. They also listened well to each other and responded well to ideas suggested by each other.

Tell a Story Day in Y3KS

For National Tell a Story Day, the Year 3 children were lucky enough to have Beth, a fantastic storyteller, come in and share songs and magical stories with both classes. The children were then inspired to begin planning their own stories to share. These stories were about an alien, a pumpkin head, Rumpelstiltskin, Frankenstein, sea monsters that can control other animals, three girls who go on an adventure and a group of singers who wanted to win the BIGGEST X Factor trophy ever made! The children came up with some fantastic ideas and were inspired to write stories at home. If the children write any stories over the half term holiday, we would love them to bring their story in to share with the rest of the class.

See the photo gallery below.

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