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Year 4 (31)

World Book Day Fun!

Snow never stops play at St Marie's and it definitely doesn't stop learning or fun either. Here are Year 4 enjoying world Book Day activities.

Y4 Visit to Eden Camp

Today Year 4 visited Eden camp and had an exciting time learning more about their World War II topic. They learned about the events which led to the outbreak of World War II and how it affected the lives of ordinary people in the Blitz. The children dressed up in wartime clothing and looked fantasic. Many thanks to all the parents for their help and especially to those parents who joined us on the trip.

3D Shape building Challenge!

Today Year 4 used different mathematical apparatus (and also marshmallows!) to construct various 3D shapes. The children were challenged to build a home for an alien which had a specific number of 3D shapes within in it. The children enjoyed making the shapes using the apparatus and also eating the marshmallows afterwards.

WWII Baking in Year 4

On Friday, Year 4 learned how to bake- WWII style! With the help of Mrs McCormick, they have learned about how rationing affected the type of foods which people were able to make and eat. They also learned how to make a very special wartime pie: Woolton pie.

Click on the image gallery to see more!

Year 4 Visit to the Town Hall

As part of their mini-topic about democracy, Year 4 visited the the Lord Mayor in the Town Hall, to learn about local government and the role of the Lord Mayor. During their visit, the children were given refreshments in the Lord Mayor's Parlour and they also got to sit in the Council Chamber and find out about how it is run. Afterwards, the children visited the Millenium Galleries to view some of Sheffield’s unique heritage, including the metalwork which made the city world famous, alongside contemporary art and design exhibitions.

Many thanks to all our parent volunteers who helped on the day!

Y4 Homework for Spring 1

Happy new year and welcome back to the Spring Term.

The homework for this term is attached.

 Mrs Borland

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