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Give It Up for CAFOD!

Thanks to all of you who volunteered to take part in our Lenten Fast Day lunch today to support Cafod's 'Give it Up Challenge'. We hope you enjoyed the soup! Thank you to all the children and staff who chopped all the vegetables this morning. Thank you to all the families that came to join us for soup. Over 75 meals of Soup were served – a magnificent total - giving us over £260 to donate to CAFOD.

Autism Awareness Week

In school, this week, we have been raising awareness about autism.

St Marie's (staff and children) have:

• Reminded each other about what it's like to be autistic.
• Shown pictures of famous autistic people.
• Explained some of the challenges people with autism face each day.
• Given examples of how some of these difficulties can be overcome.
• Reminded children of strategies we use in school to help people with autism.
• Looked at similarities, as well as differences, between autistic and non autistic people.
• Walked around the inside perimeter of the school grounds each morning, to achieve 10,000 steps over the week.
• Y5 and Y6 classes walked from school to town, instead of getting the bus, to go to the Halle orchestra, wearing Autism Awareness Week t-shirts.
• Collected money at the end of the school day and raised £80 - Thank you!

Have a look at our photos of us during Autism Awareness Week below.

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