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Mrs Fernandes

Mrs Twomey

Year 5 (23)

Eyam Day 1

Today Y5 went to Eyam on a residential to learn more about the plague. We set off on our residential at 9.30 in the morning. We arrived at Magpie mine and explored the remaining parts of it. We did some small activities and then we took a small walk to find a suitable place to eat our packed lunch. Then we walked to Ashford park. We had a great time at the park and there was so much entertainment. We got our coats and bags then we set off for the coach.
Next, we settled down in the youth hostel by making our beds and sorting our clothes out. Then we walked to Mompesson’s Well to discover anything we could about it. After that Mrs Fenton read a book to us by the well. After the book we found a piece of lead with writing carved into it. Then we walked back to the Youth hostel and had 15 minutes to tidy up our room and wash our hands. Then it was tea time. We had a choice of pepperoni or margherita pizza, jacket potato or even pasta. With the pizzas we had chips, and a choice of either beans or peas. With the jacket potato there was just beans. Then for pudding we had choc ice, sultana sponge or fruit salad. Then we had 15 minutes before we had supper.

By James, Louis, Christian and Joe

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