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Mrs Fenton

Year 6 (37)

Y6 Arts week

This week we have put the finishing touches to our own Oscar Romero cross. In the style and colours of the Salvadorian artist Fernando Llort (who designs the original Romero crosses) we took inspiration from the different aspects that make up St Marie's and in small groups, painted these images on different parts of the cross. 

Cracking Parachutes!

This afternoon we found our winning parachute design for the Y6 leg of the Science Week challenge. With 'eggsactly' the same components to use, the children relied on their knowledge of air resistance and gravity to decide how they were going to use them. Although not the most 'visually pleasing' design, the only egg to survive the drop came from team 'Improbot 2000'- a clever combination of packaging and double parachute!  

Y6 Retreat at All Saints

The Y6 class spent a calm, reflective day at All Saints School today. They took part in various fun activities which made them think about how to let their lights shine. It was also a lovely opportunity to make new friends with their counterparts from St Wilfrid's and St Thomas of Canterbury.

Science Week at St Marie's

Science week began today with an assembly to introduce the children to an exciting task. A strange new creature is believed to be in danger and needs rescuing from a hard to reach island. Scientists have set a challenge for each class whereby they must design and test a piece of equipment to overcome a perilous leg of the journey. Will the mud shoes from Y4 leave us with a sinking feeling? Will the insulating chamber from Y3 give us a warm glow inside? Could we be blown away by the parachute design from Y6? Keep checking the website for updates...

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