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Mrs Woodcock

Mrs Fenton

Life Skills Learnt at Crucial Crew

Y6 Visit the Crucial Crew Experience

On Thursday 8th February, both Y6 classes went to the Lifewise Centre near to Rotherham for the Crucial Crew experience. The trip taught us many different skills which will keep us safe. It was hosted by the South Yorkshire police, the Fire Service and St John’s ambulance service. There were many activities such as road safety, travel safety, first aid and role play in the magistrate’s court, in the park and internet safety. The road safety taught us how to cross the road safely and how far it takes for a car to fully stop. In the first aid activity we were taught how to stop a nose-bleed and what to do if someone is choking. We also did a role play in the court where we acted out a scenario to show the consequences of making the wrong choices and letting your friends lead you into trouble.                                                  

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