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Year 6 at Crucial Crew

Featured Year 6 at Crucial Crew

On the 21st of January year 6 went on a trip to crucial crew.

We learnt many things including first aid, fire safety and other life skills. Firstly we learned that prank calls to the emergency services waste lives and saw a video of a true story some teenagers falsely called the fire services. After the briefing, we covered road safety and what to do when crossing the road. Next, we did the bus safety course, learnt about vandalism and what to do if a bus crashes. After that, we went in to a “bedroom” and learnt about fire hazards. We also what if your house is on fire and how to call 999. Then we learn about arson and how people deliberately set wheelie bins on fire and also learnt a lesson about peer pressure. After that we had lunch and watched some videos about different crimes based on true stories. After lunch we went to the “courtroom” and learnt about different roles in court such as the magistrate, the usher, legal adviser, and the defence solicitor. We also learnt about the conditions in prison and what would happen to us if we went there. Next, we covered child criminal exploitation and looks for signs of it in a 14 year old’s room. Then, we went to “the pub” and learnt about knife crime and hate crime. After that, we learnt first aid and what to do if someone collapses, how to get them into recovery position and how to check they are breathing. Finally, we went back into the lunch room for the de-brief and returned to school.

Eilis and Joe.  

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