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Mrs Woodcock

Mrs Fenton

Year 6 (42)

Fun in the Park in Bakewell

We walked down the Monsal trail this evening and had fantastic fish and chips at Bakewell! This was followed by a play in the park and a competitive game of football before walking back to Thornbridge Outdoors for the night.

Have a look in the photo gallery below to see how much fun we all had.


Year 6 Crown Mary

Today it was the turn of Mrs Fenton's class to honour Mary in the month of May. The children prepared and then delivered all aspects of the liturgy as we gathered around to pray. 

Year 6 celebrate the end of SAT's week in style!

After all their hard work, Y6 deserved a well earned treat, so on Friday morning we all walked down to Endcliffe Park for some fun and games. Have a look at the huge gallery of photos to see what everyone got up to. Teachers included - especially Mrs Woodcock!

A Farewell Message from Mrs Kirkbride

Dear all,
I joined St Marie's community back in 2001 as my first of six children started her move through the school. This new window allowed me, for over 12 years, to have the pleasure of supporting the HSA and parent volunteering throughout St Marie's. More recently, I have had the incredible honour of supporting your children through employment. 
So, as I reflect, and thank the children and the team for all the delightful memories, I must acknowledge my husband's role and support that enabled this all to happen. I'm often asked how I manage such a big family (two girls have fledged - four teenage boys still at ND!) but as everyone at St Marie's knows - there is no I in team.
As my husband would say 'I love children, but can never eat a whole one!' Therefore, it is with this in mind, that I choose to say goodbye with a heavy heart, but with a healthy head and bring this amazing experience to a close so I can spend more time with my family. wish everyone a happy and healthy future as I move on to the next (testosterone-filled) chapter!
I hope St Marie's continues to enjoy the 'fun zone' and remembers me for my love of badminton and my passion for books. 
May you all continue to be the best that you can be!
St Marie's! The pleasure has been all mine...

Mrs Michele Kirkbride

Y6 End of SATs Conga!

The tradition of the 'end of SATs Conga' was kept alive with great enthusiasm by the children of Y6. After the last test they joined forces and 'conga ed ?' round the school including everyone in their celebrations.

Henry visits Y6KW

Recently, several classes have been visited by a man called Henry. Henry is a seminarian (a priest in training) and he visited Year 6 KW on Thursday. He explained the detailed story of how he was influenced to this vocation. He told us he had not been Catholic all his life, and the class where surprised when he said this. However he says that in the holidays (after studying at university) a constant thought occurred; the class was intrigued when he told us that this thought was of a church.

He says that he tried to ignore this image, but it was relentless. The class listened as he said that he looked for the specific church on the internet. He came across it on his route home from shopping. From then on, Henry would look at it on his way home and after that it became an obsession. He did not tell anyone though, because his family and friends were all atheist, however he went to church and all of a sudden he was Catholic and baptised; his family were told and his friends too. They were surprised, but soon understood.

He then told us of his time in the seminary and answered many questions we had. Y6 really appreciated his honesty as he answered our questions. It was great of him to visit us and tell us his story.

Written by William in Y6KW

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