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Year 6 (40)

African Drumming in Year 6

In our Creative Curriculum lesson yesterday, we had a go at African drumming. We learnt about different types of drums and we created a piece of music with different layers. The particular rythms that we practised were typical drumming rythms from Sierra Leone. It was very loud, energetic and fun!

Home Learning Booklet (Aut 2)

Please find attached the schedule for Autumn 2 home learning. This will be particularly useful for accessing the online homework by clicking on the links.

Year 6 Investigate Blood Components!

This afternoon, we investigated the 4 components in our blood. We then had a go at making a ‘blood smoothie’ using raspberries to represent red blood cells, small white marshmallows to represent white blood cells, pineapple juice to represent plasma and sprinkles to represent platelets. Before the smoothie was blended, we could see all of the individual components, which is what we would see if we looked at a drop of blood under a microscope. When we blended the ‘smoothie’, we couldn’t see any of the components anymore and it looked more the blood we see with our naked eye. 

Y6 Visit the International Slavery Museum

On Monday Y6 travelled to Liverpool to find out more about Britain's role in the trans-atlantic slave trade. We spent the day in the museum looking at the various displays, and also found out about Life in West Africa through paricipation in a workshop. We stopped off briefly on the way home to visit the Metropolitan Cathedral- the largest Catholic church in the country. Here, we prayed for those still bound by slavery and gave thanks for the freedom of choice in our own lives. Please have a look at the photographs from the day and read the recounts by the children which are attached.

Y6 Enjoy Working Outdoors

See the pictures of children in Y6 helping to plan a better outdoor school environment. Amongst the activities were: painting pebbles to help create a permenant outdoor piece of art; planning ideas for an unused strip of school land; and enhancing the look of the playground with some temporary artwork.

Creative Curriculum at its Best!

The creative curriculum is proving a real success in Y6. Children have been mixing paint to make many shades of colour, and creating some outstanding watercolour paintings. They have improvised and performed role play using resources from the playpod and, in the woods, have been emersed in activities relating to our topic.

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