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E-Safety (53)

Online Safety Meeting for Parents

Many thanks to James Garnett, who gave an interesting and informative talk to parents about how to keep children safe online. Thank you also to all the parents who attended this morning, we hope that they found it useful.



Year 3 learn about cyberbullying

Year 3 have been making posters to make people aware of cyberbullying. They have also been revising the SMART rules.

See the poster in the image gallery by Ana!

What is Cyberbullying? By Year 5

In Year 5, children have made posters about cyberbullying to help other children understand what it is and how they can get help if they fall victim to it.

Click on the gallery to see more.

Learning about Cyberbullying in Year 1

As part of their learning about how to recognise and deal with all sorts of bullying, including cyberbullying,  Year 1 have made handprints with the names of five people they can turn to if they are being bullied.

Cyberbullying: Anti-Bullying Week 2015

St Marie's has been learning about Cyberbullying and how to deal with it, as part of their learning in Anti-Bullying week. Here are some poems which have been written by Year 4 pupils about Cyberbullying.

The poems are inspired by a poem called 'I Am' by Laura from Bullying UK.

Year 2H E-Safety

In Y2H we have been watching Hector's World to learn more about how we can keep ourselves safe online. We also had help from Smartie the Penguin who taught us to think before we click. Watch how we turned this into a catchy little catchphrase! Now we will always remember how to keep ourselves safe.

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