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Online Safety (62)

Esafety in Reception

This week at St Marie's we have been thinking about how to keep ourselves safe whilst using the internet.

In Key Stage One we had an assembly on Tuesday where the children listened to a story about 'Digiduck'. A duck who was having some trouble on the internet.

In class we have been looking at the school Key Stage One internet safety rules. Ask your children if they know how to keep themselves safe whilst online.

Esafety in Year 2

Year 2 have been learning how to stay safe on the Internet by following SMART rules. They have learned about personal information and how to keep it safe, with a little help from Dongle the Rabbit. Here are some of the wonderful posters that they have made to help spread the E-Safety message.

Click on the image gallery to see more!

E-Safety for Parents and Carers

  • Do you need information about what you can do to keep your children safe online?
  • Would you like to learn how to use parental controls to filter your internet connection?
  • Needing help and guidance on Social Media?

Respect your mates on the internet

As part of our ICT curriculum, the Year 3s have challenged themselves to create a 60 second film that shows why: “The internet is great when you respect your mates!”

It is part of Childnet's mission is to work to make the internet a great and safe place for children.

From what I've seen the Year 3s are up to the challenge to entertain us!

The groups are planning to create animations, dance, sing, drama and even a rap!

Check out the photos to see the children planning their work.


Safer Internet Day 2013

Safer Internet Day 2013 took place on Tuesday 5 February 2013 at St Marie's.

 This year’s theme encouraged pupils to ‘Connect with Respect’.

Today’s KS2 and KS1 assemblies focused on this and also reminded the children of the SMART rules when online.

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