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South Yorkshire Virtual School Games

Well done to all the children, staff and parents who took part in the South Yorkshire Virtual School Games on Friday. Many schools across the whole of South Yorkshire took part and the children at St Marie’s have impressed us all again! The results are below.

Y1 & 2 results: 
Netball Challenges: 28th
Keepie Uppie Challenge:  2nd
Rugby Challenge: 14th
Speed Bounce Challenge: 28th

Year 3 & 4 results:
Netball Challenges: 26th
Keepie Uppie Challenge:  26th
Rugby Challenge: 12th
Speed Bounce Challenge: 26th

Year 5 & 6 results:

Netball Challenges: 33rd
Keepie Uppie Challenge:  12th
Rugby Challenge: 15th
Speed Bounce Challenge: 23rd

Well done everyone!

Class Teams Say Hello

Just in case you missed the virtual meetings, please scroll down to hear your new class teams for September 2020 say 'hello'.

South Yorkshire Virtual School Games

After our success with the Sheffield Virtual School Games a few weeks ago, St Marie’s have decided to take part in the South Yorkshire Virtual School Games on Friday 10th July! The day will involve multiple activities, very similar to the ones you completed last time. The activities can be completed at home on Friday or over the weekend. Many schools will be competing against each other across the County and being part of something big. There will be a number of prizes on offer too!

At 10am on Friday 10 July the Yorkshire Sport Foundation will be premiering the official Virtual Sports Day video live on their YouTube channel. This can be watched in school or at home. The link to watch the video is here:
The video will be able to be viewed both live and played back.

The video will include a performance, warm up, and competitions you can take part in throughout the day. There are also some exciting guests to look out for!

Please click on the attachment to view more information and to see the different activities that you can do! The link to submit your scores is below. This link will only be live from 10am on Friday 10th July until 12pm on Monday 13th July.
Teachers, parents and children can fill in this form. This can be done at home or in school and all your results will be added to our school score. You do not need to have completed all competitions to submit a score for a challenge, so you can choose your favourite activities if you like!

You can watch the Good Luck video from some of the South Yorkshire School Games Organisers here Can you spot Kim from Sheffield?

Good luck and have fun!

Sports Day Winners!

Last week, 103 schools and 5561 children took part in the Sheffield Virtual School Games. The children, parents and staff of St Marie’s tried incredibly hard and we have achieved great results.

The children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 came 5th. The children in Year 3 and Year 4 came 22nd. The children in Year 5 and Year 6 came 4th! Well done everyone. We are very proud of you all and your efforts!

We also have the results from our school house teams!

In fourth place were Thornbridge with 524 points!
In third place were Mayfield with 657 points!
In second place were Padley with 704 points!
And finally, in first place were Eyam with 709 points!

Well done to all of the children, staff and parents who took part and a big well done to Eyam!

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