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Summer Fair Success

Thank you to everyone who made the Summer Fair such a success today. Thank you to all of the wonderful parents and carers for your kind donations and your continued support of the school. We were blessed with a sunny day, a fantastic crowd of helpers and organisers, and a huge turnout from families and friends from our community. I would like to pass my sincere thanks to our Home School Association (HSA) for the organisation of today. Thanks also to all the volunteers and every member of staff who generously gave up their time to make today’s fair one of the very best! Photos from today in the gallery below.

Workout Wednesday - Skipping #NSSW

Some of the KS2 children were practising their skipping skills at lunch. They were working on being able to run jump out of the rope with there only being one click of the rope in between! Check out the gallery to find out more!

Workout Wednesday - scooter club! #NSSW

Today saw one of our busiest Sports Week days! At lunchtime we had yoga in the hall with Mrs Woodcock, ultimate frisbee with Mr M, skipping outside in KS2 yard and then we had scooter club all afternoon! What an amazingly active day!

At Scooter club we had the expertise of Mr F to show us some skills! We had a challenge of how far across the playground could we scoot from one push? We also tested our stopping skills at the line too!

The children were brilliant and even showed some of the teachers what to do too!!

Irish dancing #NSSW

On Tuesday lunchtime Mrs Twomey invited us to do some irish dancing. It was great to see the older children being able to teach the younger children (and Miss Healy) what to do. "We can we do it again?" said the Y3's.

Rugby Tuesday! #NSSW

On Tuesday Mr Wallace held a workshop for each class. We learned some rugby skills such as which way to pass the ball, who and what to look out for, which way we run, how to score a try! The children had a great time developing these skills - thanks Mr Wallace!

Fun Fitness start to Sports Week

Today we started off National School Sports Week with some Fitness Fun with Nikki. Nikki had a workshop with each class where the children tried out some fun activities. There was skipping, roll the dice and complete the challenge, agility fun (ladders, running from spot to spot), moving the bean bags to the next hoops by going over the hurdles and practising our (safe) punches using the pads and boxing gloves!  The children all did very well and the shining sun made it even more fun! Thanks Nikki and well done children! 

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