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Today my mum and I talked to Mrs Twomey’s class and Miss Hanson’s class about Hanukah (the festival of light).

We talked about how the Maccabees (a strong group of courageous men) defeated the Syrian Greek army to win back the Holy Temple.

The first miracle was that a small group of courageous Jewish men defeated over 40,000 men with only small weapons and some with no weapons at all.

When the Syrian Greeks fled from Jerusalem the Maccabees went back to the temple and found that the temple’s golden Merorah was stolen by the Syrian Greeks. The Maccabees had to make a new Merorah out of cheaper metal.

When they had finished the Merorah they had to light it but they could only find a small amount of pure oil to light it with. The oil could only last for a day or so.

The second miracle was that the olive oil lasted for eight days until the Jewish people could make more pure oil.

After that I handed a chocolate coin to everyone in class and we played a game called Dreidel. The Dreidel has four different sides meaning ‘a great miracle happened there’. Then we answered some questions. It was really fun helping my mum and the class out.

By Veronica- Year 5KH.

Danone Football Trophy

This week, St Marie's did themselves proud when they progressed all the way to the semi-finals of the Danone Football Cup at Sheffield Wednesday's training academy. The boys in the team had played 6 games in order to get to the semi's and only conceded 2 goals in that whole period. We are really proud of the team and I feel next time they can go all the way! Have a look at them in action in the photo gallery.

Mr Frith.

Mylnhurst Football Tournament

On Wednesday the 19th of October our Year 6's were invited to play in a small tournament at Mylnhurst. A total of 6 matches were played against local opposition such as- St Thomas of Canterbury, Spink Hill and Mylnhurst. All the games were closely contested and we managed to win and draw 1 game.

Well done boys!

Mr Frith.

Sky Sports Living

Today, children from y5 and y6 have been involved in a fun packed sporting event hosted by Sky.

Accomplished athletes mentored children in events such as; Fencing, Boxing, Badminton, Healthy eating and Team work.

Have a look at how much fun we had!

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