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School News Archive (344)

Primary Festival Schools' Badminton Tournament (open to Year 3&4)

Following an afternoon of badminton skills and doubles matches St Marie's emerged winners of the first ever Primary Festival for years 3 and 4. We were only allowed to enter one team, so I went with our year 4 players. So, any Year 3s, if you'd like to play next year make sure you come to the practice sessions which have re-started.

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From left to right: Frida, Lucy, Joshua, Finn, Ellie, Luke, Isla and Paddy. Congratulations to them all!

Mixed Doubles Tournament

The Abbeydale mixed doubles final was re-scheduled and held during lunchtime at St Marie's. Hannah Green (Y5) and Joshua Dunford (Y4) emerged winners 21:13, after a nip and tuck start, with runners-up Alexandra Garnett (Y5) and Luke Smith (Y4). Congratulations to all!

Auto Italiane!

Yesterday Y2 were investigating some Italian vehicles in the car park. We were looking at mountain bikes, scooters and cars. Whilst outside we were hunting for 2D shapes that we could see on these vehicles. We also had a go at sketching. Have a look at how hard we were working!

Y5 Weston Park Museum

Year 5 spent the day at Weston Park Museum making careful fieldwork notes on different animals and their adaptations within nature. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and showed great enthusiasm towards learning and touring the museum.

Holy Week. The Last Supper

Our journey through Holy Week continued today with a moving account of the Last Supper presented by Y6 children.

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