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Year 5 at Eyam Day 1

Featured Year 5 at Eyam Day 1

Our wonderful residential in Eyam has begun! Today we started by a jolly walk to Magpie mine. Magpie mine was very enjoyable because we got to listen to stories, although the walks were VERY TIRING!!! We had a lot of fun there looking down old mines and we're sure the next group will enjoy it. Currently, we are at the youth hostel and the rooms are in fact very nice to sleep in! The food there is absolutely yummy: spaghetii bolognaise,sausage beans and chips, jacket potato or chilli con con! Just before dinner, we had LOADS of fun at the park nearby!We had certainly worked an appetite up! We're playing games and we'll be going to bed soon to start a new, amazing day in Eyam!

By Hazel and Natalie

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