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#Fast #Pray #Give

Featured #Fast #Pray #Give

CAFOD’s Harvest fast day was again a success at St Marie’s. As part of their brighten up the harvest, everyone was encouraged to wear one item of bright clothing, along with their school uniform. This varied from rainbow wigs to colourful shoes and strange shirts (Did you see what Mr F was wearing!). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Over 100 meals of soup were served – a magnificent total- giving us over £370 to donate to CAFOD. We also have many (56!) tins of soup/items of food to send to the Grace Food Bank. Thank you very much for your generosity! Thank you also to those who prepared, cooked and served the soup, especially the children who came in extra early this morning to help prepare the vegetables and make the soup! It was delicious! Today we really learned how other people live with less food and raised money for CAFOD. Thank you to everyone who helped to brighten up the harvest today!

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