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Autism Awareness Week

Featured Autism Awareness Week

In school, this week, we have been raising awareness about autism.

St Marie's (staff and children) have:

• Reminded each other about what it's like to be autistic.
• Shown pictures of famous autistic people.
• Explained some of the challenges people with autism face each day.
• Given examples of how some of these difficulties can be overcome.
• Reminded children of strategies we use in school to help people with autism.
• Looked at similarities, as well as differences, between autistic and non autistic people.
• Walked around the inside perimeter of the school grounds each morning, to achieve 10,000 steps over the week.
• Y5 and Y6 classes walked from school to town, instead of getting the bus, to go to the Halle orchestra, wearing Autism Awareness Week t-shirts.
• Collected money at the end of the school day and raised £80 - Thank you!

Have a look at our photos of us during Autism Awareness Week below.

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