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Writing Challenge!

Featured Writing Challenge!

Here is a photo of some mysterious and possibly priceless artefacts that our builders, Rob and Levi discovered in our reception playground, buried deep under the earth.

I wasn’t expecting THAT, were you?

Neither were they, to be honest. They have been out working in the reception playground for the last week, and in all that time, absolutely nothing of interest has happened whatsoever.

UNTIL NOW, that is. Duh-duh-DUUUUUHHH!

It was while digging the foundations for the new sandpit that they made their mysterious discovery.

Had these objects simply been dropped and then, during decades of work, become buried far down in the earth? But! This is truly a mystery to us because…

They were buried really quite far down: much further than you’d expect if it had been done by accident, or by a child or whatever. In fact, it’s almost as if whoever buried them wanted to make sure they would NEVER BE FOUND.

Writing Challenge - you have up to 200 words to write a creative story on how those objects ended up buried at St Marie’s.

Please hand your writing into your class teacher by Friday 11th December.

We have lots of prizes for the best ones!

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