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Please note that the information here is only valid at the time of writing and for the most up to date information please click the links below:

What are the current symptoms of COVID-19?

  • The symptoms of COVID-19, as defined by the government are as follows:
    • A new continuous dry cough
    • A high temperature
    • The loss of a person’s sense of taste and/or smell
  • Runny noses, sore throats, and chesty coughs are not considered symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Please also note that these symptoms are not just symptoms of COVID-19 and both children and adults can have symptoms but not have the virus.

What should I do if my child has developed symptoms of COVID-19 whilst at home?

  • As the symptoms of COVID-19 could also be symptoms of other illnesses common to this time of year, in order to ensure we have maximum attendance whilst keeping everyone safe, we would ask that parents/carers inform school as soon as possible, between office opening hours, if you feel that your child has developed symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Our office team will talk through your concerns with you and advise you accordingly.
  • If you are unable to get hold of a member of our school’s office team before the official start of the school day, then your child must not come into school until you have spoken to a member of staff.
  • Following your phone call with our office team, please arrange for your child to have a COVID-19 test.
  • All children above two years old as well as their families are now entitled to a free COVID-19 test.
  • You can arrange a test by either phoning 119 or clicking here to go straight to the website.

What should I do if an adult that my child lives with has symptoms of COVID-19?

  • If a person within your household has symptoms of COVID-19, then they, along with every member of their household must immediately isolate and the members of the household with COVID-19 symptoms must arrange for a test to be completed either by calling 119 or clicking here.
  • If the test comes back as positive, members of that household must then self-isolate for 14 days, including your children even if they don’t have COVID-19 symptoms themselves.
  • If the test comes back as negative and your child does not have COVID-19 symptoms, then they will be able to come back to school as long as the member of your household who initially had symptoms no longer has them.

What will happen if my child or a person within my child’s class develops COVID-19 symptoms in school?

  • If a child develops COVID-19 symptoms in school, they will be taken to an isolated and well-ventilated area of school and their parents/carers will be immediately contacted to collect them.
  • Parents/carers must return home immediately are arrange for their child to have a COVID-19 test.
  • If the test comes back as positive, their child must remain at home for at least seven days and the rest of the household should self-isolate for 14 days.
  • If the test comes back as negative and your child no longer has symptoms, then they can return to school.

What will happen if a child or adult associated with my child’s class tests positive for COVID-19?

  • We have carefully structured the school environment to ensure that all classes of children are kept within carefully controlled bubbles. Maintaining the integrity of these bubbles is incredibly important so that we can carefully control any potential whole school outbreak (Public Health England (PHE) define an outbreak as two or more confirmed cases of COVID-19) therefore sticking to our drop off and pick up times and routines is essential and will allow us to adequately ‘track and trace’ all contacts of the infected individual who will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Once we have received information of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in school, we will immediately speak to Public Health England (PHE) for advice however, the most likely course of action will be this:
    • All the children and adults with the class or bubble of the person who has been confirmed as having COVID- 19 will be required to self-isolate for 48 hours while detailed contract tracing is completed.
    • Remote learning will be facilitated for any children who are required to self –isolate for 14 days.

A quick guide for parents and carers can be downloaded on our website here. Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you need any support or advice. Our school office is open between the hours of 8.00 am and 4.00 pm each day. 

Should you need to contact school during the weekend or a holiday to notify us of a COVID test result or to ask a COVID related question, please contact school immediately using this form

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